Peter Di Domenico

Mill Valley, CA 94941

P.O. Box 1092
Tahoe City, CA 96145

Email: Info at Peter Di dot com
  • BSEE, 1967, NYU Polytechnic
  • Graduate Studies, 1968-1974, Pennsylvania State University, PA
  • Professional Electrical Engineering - California - retired
  • Professional Control Systems Engineering - California - retired
  • DoD Secret Clearance - Inactive
  • DOE Q Clearance - Inactive

Detailed work experience:

3 years - Professional service agreement (November 2011 - Present) Bechtel London and Reston, VA and Alstom Transportation
Provided critical review, writing, and editing services for studies and proposals for:
  • Airport terminals in the Middle East and London
  • Report for the implementation of a very large iron ore project comprising mine development plans, railway, storage, and sea port development in three East African countries
  • Review and editing of multiple proposals for metro rail and heavy rail systems in the UK, Middle East, and Hong Kong
  • Country-wide infrastructure development master plans for countries in Africa, Middle East, and Asia
  • Multiple proposals for program management services for grass roots industrial city development in the Middle East
  • Very large sewer tunneling project for the Thames Tidewater Tunnel in London
  • Management of engineering, constructions, and delivery of multiple bridge and very large motorway projects in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, and the USA

5 years - Vice president operations (February 2005 - March 2010) WideMotion, Inc.
  • WideMotion provides VoIP service through its Ultrra business line and ecommerce solutions to diaspora populations throughout the world using its Distripay business line.
  • Negotiated and executed contract for San Francisco office. Specified and evaluated call-center services. Wrote SOPs. Wrote and controlled all purchase orders and contracts with sales agents, providers, and partners. Helped develop and maintain ecommerce catalogs in multiple languages from multiple international providers. Performed QC of website. Created and managed the inventory of telephony calling cards. Provided first-tier customer service functions for the calling card products. Analyzed and controlled online hacking and theft threats. Managed interface with Moneybookers, Paypal, Well Fargo, MaxMind, etc.

10 Months - Independent consultant/vice president operations (noncontiguous periods January 2002 - January 2004) PathWork Diagnostics, Inc.
  • PathWork develops models and services to diagnose specific types of cancer based on gene expression analysis.
  • Provided PathWork operating procedures, quality procedures, estimated operating budgets, wrote and executed purchase orders and contracts. Managed the design and manufacture of diagnostic device packages and package inserts. Specified, purchased, supervised installation, and operated office security system, telephony system and data networks. Purchased and controlled the inventory of custom gene chips made by Affymetric.

6 Months - Independent consultant (January 2001 - August 2001) Experian Interactive
  • Re-engineered work processes, methods for customer transactions, support facilities, and organizations for IPlace, Inc. in Orange, California, to accommodate integration of call centers, email management systems, direct marketing using outbound calls and tailored e-mail newsletters, and order fulfillment.
  • Authored the functional requirements for the next generation CRM and order fulfillment ecommerce operating system.

2 years - Vice president operations (October 1998 - December 2000 ) QSpace, Inc. (later Experian Interactive)
  • Set up from “scratch” and managed 10x7 customer service, order fulfillment, office and collocation facilities, and office administration organizations for QSpace, Inc., a highly successful e-commerce company which provided online credit reports. Negotiated and managed new San Francisco office space. Specified and managed construction of new office facilities. Specified, purchased, and managed installation of office telephony, T1, data networks, air conditioning, and physical security systems. Analyzed and managed online threats.
  • Moved customer service and order fulfillment organizations from the QSpace, Inc. San Francisco office to the Consumer Info, Inc., office in Orange, California. Transitioned management and supervision support for 100-person customer care organizations.

24 years - Various positions (October 1974 - October 1998) Bechtel (in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Houston)
  • 2 years - Engineering manager Bechtel(for Coca-Cola)
  • 1 year - Management consultant and manager of telecommunications systems testing Bechtel
    • Pacific Bell - Authored sections of Program Management Plans for broadband telephony and video dial tone program. This included plans and procedures for development and deployment of hardware and operating system software, systems engineering, configuration management, change control, system testing, and turnover functions.
    • Lucent Technologies / GTE - (Tampa, Florida, and Ventura, California) Managed central office technicians and field engineering, installation, configuration management of rack hardware, inter cabinet RF wiring, field and interconnection fiber optic cabling, laser transmitters and receivers, hardware test, system acceptance, and warranty. Organization built and tested fiber optic Supertrunk between Headend and distribution central offices.
    • Created and managed the outside plant test group for Node activation, sweep and balance, FCC CLI and 24 hour testing, proof of performance testing, and turnover of the 250 node California Ventura County Media Ventures build-out for GTE. Purchased over $400 thousand of test equipment and hired 20 technicians. Set up training programs. Monitored performance of crews and installed broadband systems.
  • 2 years - Manager of proposals Bechtel National, Inc.
    • Responsible for the creation and production of written proposals, oral presentations, and multimedia presentations. Annual proposal budget exceeded $5 million for multi-billion dollar contracts. Organized, trained, and motivated managers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.
  • 1 year - Systems engineering manager Bechtel (for Department of Energy)
    • $700 million installation planning contract for the technical systems of the $12 billion Superconducting Super Collider.  Developed installation and testing concepts and fixtures, which facilitated the installation of the 54 mile-long high energy accelerator. Wrote the installation program systems engineering management plan, configuration management plan, and automation and communication plan.
  • 1 year - Chief of automation engineering Bechtel
    • Managed the automated engineering and CADD center for the Houston office. Specified, managed, and supported the development and use of corporate computer-aided engineering programs and procedures.
  • 2 years - Deputy program manager Bechtel (for the USAF)
    • $200 plus million Weapons Storage and Security System program. Applied MIL standards during development programs, and to the design and commissioning of C3 complexes for multiple NATO Air Force base security systems for storage of highly valuable assets. Responsible for all technical matters including the design of new voice and video communication systems, vault control and security systems, manufacturing, testing, authoring of technical manuals, logistics support, site surveys, and design of base wiring, and new power distribution systems. Set up maintenance depot. Performed hardware acceptance testing. Responsible for configuration management and validation of designs.
  • 1 year - Project manager Bechtel
    • Managed the development of artificial intelligence expert system, which reduced, by a factor of ten, the number of alarms presented to a control room operator during plant transient conditions.
  • 14 years - Senior engineer through chief engineer Bechtel
    • Designed, performed design calculations, specified, procured, inspected, managed manufacturing, checked- out, and accepted petrochemical, power plant, space launch complexes, nuclear fuels, and weapons material facilities and systems. Authored and maintained corporate engineering standards and specifications. Reviewed and approved numerous projects for design adequacy and progress. Directly supervised up to 90 engineers and was chief engineer of a staff of 120 engineers.

7 years - Technical supervisor (1967 - 1974) Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. (1500MW coal-fired power plant)
  • Front-line supervision for a 24x7 operation for control systems engineers, technicians, and plant chemists. Developed an understanding of operation and maintenance of large process facilities.